Maintenance Request

La Casa Property Group respects that all maintenance requests are important. If you require any maintenance, please contact us immediately to avoid further harm to you or the property.

Please lodge any maintenance requests via the Console Tenant app.
If you have never logged in, please contact us for a download link. Please note that our property management team will send you a unique link for you to click on and download the application.
Please do not download directly from the Internet.

However, if the problem occurs as an ’emergency’ during afterhours (refer to the following definitions of Urgent Repairs), please follow the instruction and use the emergency contacts provided below.

Urgent Repairs

Learn about what is classified as an urgent repair

a burst water service

a blocked or broken lavatory system

a serious roof leak

a gas leak

a dangerous electrical fault

flooding or serious flood damage

a failure of gas, electricity or water supply to the premises

a fault or damage likely to cause injury to person or property

a fault or damage that causes the residential premises to be unsafe or insecure

a serious fault in any door, staircase, lift or other common area that inhibits or unduly inconveniences the tenant in gaining access to and use of the premises

a failure or breakdown of any service on the premises essential for hot water, cooking, heating or laundering

serious storm or fire damage

You could contact the tradesperson shown over the page. If you cannot get in contact with the number provided or they are otherwise unavailable, the repair can be carried out by a qualified tradeperson of your choosing.

Since we are not involved in the emergency, it is important for you to keep enough evidence, including photos and videos, to submit via the Console Tenant App or email The professions will determine whose responsibility the issue belongs to.

*Please note:
Failure to provide sufficient evidence and an unreasonable invoice amount after the service may result in your covering the entire cost or you might only able to be reimbursed partially.
ockouts are explicitly EXClUDED from the landlord’s coverage.

Further details on the urgent repairs can be found in your tenancy agreement which is available online through your Console Tenant App if you are unable to locate the original.

Emergency Trades List

Plumber Gas Leaking

Brendan Whittle Plumbing

JML Plumbing & Gas Canberra


True Connection Electrical Pty Ltd

Complete Electrical Service


ASI Locksmiths

Canberra Locksmiths

Glass Replacement

O’Brien Glass

Value Glass

End of Your Tenancy

Ending a tenancy can be complicated, so please contact us to ensure your vacate process runs smoothly. To confirm your vacate date, you are required to fill out the Vacate Notice Form and send it back to us. Then, a vacate guide and cleaning checklist will be provided to you, which aims to assist you in getting a full bond refund. If you wish to break a fixed-term lease, or for enquiries regarding a shared tenancy, please contact us for more details


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