Meet Suzana, the dynamic business relationship manager and senior property manager at La Casa.

Suzana brings a wealth of experience to her role as La Casa’s business relationship manager and senior property manager. As a multi-skilled senior team member, Suzana’s job title denotes only a small fraction of the work she really does behind the scenes to keep the company running smoothly.

As well as leading the property management team, Suzana works closely with the principal on many key aspects of business and operational management. She oversaw the implementation of La Casa’s new client relationship management system, and has personally updated all the policies and procedures. She also played a key role in designing the company’s commission and referral program.

Suzana’s accounting skills are regularly employed in the creation of working budgets and revenue forecasts that help to guide the company towards its financial goals. As a capable problem solver and an empathetic manager, Suzana enjoys helping both people and organisations to achieve the best possible results.

She holds a Bachelor of Business majoring in accounting and management, and has previously founded her own international trading business and coordinated large community events. She has worked as an accountant in companies both large and small, and gained valuable customer service experience in various client-facing roles.

Working on the financial reports for several key federal government agencies in a previous role has honed Suzana’s financial expertise and attention to detail. This, combined with her experience of running her own companies, gives Suzana a uniquely detailed insight into our clients’ needs, and the ways she can best help them to maximise their financial outcomes.

Amongst her many professional talents, Suzana is a passionate designer at heart. In 2005, she received the ‘designer of the year’ award from the Canberra Institute of Technology in recognition of her creative talents. Her broad base of knowledge and experience is part of what makes Suzana such a valued and versatile team member.

She is a natural leader who is always willing to step up to a challenge, and enjoys learning and developing new skills. A great communicator, her patience and empathy have been developed through years of working with young children as a private piano and language tutor.

Suzana now has children of her own, and skilfully balances her work roles with family life. Being a mother, Suzana says, has helped to hone her time management skills. She is fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese, and often volunteers in her children’s school to read stories in Mandarin.

During her free time, Suzana participates in a variety of sports and activities. Some days, you’ll find her horse riding, playing basketball, snowboarding or even skydiving. Other times, she enjoys quieter pursuits, like reading, watching movies, gardening, cooking, baking or learning a new language or skill.

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