Introducing Andrea, the property management powerhouse who goes above and beyond to make a lasting impact.

Jun’s career began in the world of finance, where he cultivated a loyal and diverse client base as a mortgage broker. He excelled in this role, and developed a keen understanding of the inner workings of the real estate industry. When some of Jun’s property developer clients began asking for his help to sell and manage their properties, he saw an opportunity to branch out. He envisioned a business that would not only provide a professional sales and property management service, but that would help his clients to create and maximise the financial benefits of property ownership. And so, La Casa was born.

Jun’s professionalism and breadth of market knowledge have earned him a loyal clientele, who often ask for his advice on important financial and investment decisions. His mortgage broking background enables Jun to easily understand his clients’ needs, and offer them valuable suggestions tailored to their unique situations.

An expert negotiator, Jun keeps his finger on the pulse of the real estate market and is generous with his time and advice. His passion for the property industry complements his larger vision of creating job opportunities for his valued employees while providing a high-quality service to property owners.

Jun aims to remove some of the common stresses of property ownership so his clients can relax, knowing their valuable assets are in safe hands. Cultivating a great team of reliable, experienced staff has been key to achieving this vision. Since establishing La Casa in 2017, Jun has taken the business from strength to strength.

Jun’s work ethic and commitment to achieving exceptional results for his clients was repeatedly recognised during his mortgage broking career, where he received numerous industry awards. A testament to the prodigious nature of his achievements at a relatively young age, Jun also received Canberra’s outstanding Chinese youth award in 2015.

Now, as La Casa’s licence holder and principal of sales, this same entrepreneurial instinct and drive to achieve underlie Jun’s business success. Beneath the impressive focus and determination, however, his naturally fair and genuine character shines through. Generous by nature, he always puts the needs of his clients and employees first.

Jun is an active supporter of community sports, and is currently the chairman of a local sporting club. With a passion for sports that is exceeded only by his passion for property, Jun enjoys playing basketball, scuba diving and snowboarding, and keeps fit with regular gym workouts.

On weekends, Jun enjoys spending time with his family and keeping his lawns in tip-top shape.

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Our Knowledge

  • We understand the local rental market
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